Born out of passion for success and motivated it driven by a vision and value system, KC is focused on building a successful future for its customers. Creating innovation in the market space as a corporate professional, KC encapsulates the concept of customer service by delivering services for Audit, Accounting, Tax, Corporate and Advisory.

Commensurate with our vision, KC has the acquired professional talent to meet market demand from domestic and global customers.

Our values drive our employees to learn, perform and grow. Consistent to our vision and values, is KC’s ability to attract and retain world-class skill sets to deliver world-class solution for Audit, Accounting, Tax, Corporate and Advisory management this helps meet our customers' demands for scalable and inter operable solutions. KC’s .A process driven company with compliance to international standards which add value to our customers' core business.

KC is focus to comfort the customer from the spasms of Audit, Accounting, Tax, Corporate and Advisory services. At KC, we empower our customers to build and grow by focusing on their core business and competencies to achieve competitive advantage.

For the growth of our business we are now focusing to target the market of audit and consultancy by building new offices in the Middle East.

Establishment Of Firm

The firm was established 28 years back in 1981. The major source of our growth is through referrals by our satisfied clients, banks, Government department and other professionals.

The firm was originally established by Mr. Younus Kamran (FCA), Senior Partner of the firm. The firm then developed with time in the following way:

Organization Year of Opening Re-constitution
Kamran Sarwar & Co. 1981 1988
Kamran Associates 1988 1989
Kamran & Viqar 1989 1992
Saeed Kamran & Co. 1992 1993
Saeed Kamran Patel & Co. 1993 2007
Kabani Saeed Kamran Patel & Co. 2008 Feb-2010
Kabani & Company Feb-2010 till date

Finally in Feb of-2010 our American partner increased his stake in the firm and the firm came to be known in the professional market with the name & style of “Kabani & Company.” Pakistan.

Encompassing the highest level of integrity, we maintain a total commitment to our clients, profession and the community.

KC has sustained the growth of by being available to our clients and by providing information, insight and solutions to their opportunities, challenges and problems.

Today, KABANI & COMPANY is the full-service accounting firm with more than 600 clients across the world.

About Kabani & Company

Through five offices worldwide including our headquarters in Los Angeles, European office in London and our Asian regional office in Beijing, China, with a global staff of over 250 professionals, we serve clients located in all six continents.

KC is a full service accounting and auditing firm and it specializes in the audits of publicly traded Companies which need to file their returns with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. In a period of ten years we have grown to service more public companies than any firm, other than the big 4, in California.

We focus exclusively on mid-cap and micro-cap SEC-regulated companies. This is all more about us. Pakistan needed which allows us to deliver higher quality audits. We deliver small audit efficiencies with the GAAP expertise our clients require and expect. We have developed world-class methodologies for delivering competent and cost-competitive small and medium sized public company audits quickly. Our methodologies are designed for our SEC audit specialization, where all of our dedicated SEC audit partners and staff can achieve greater competencies and time efficiencies simultaneously.

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